How it works

  • we’re collaborating with young, ambitious mobile startups to transform consumer engagement and path-to-purchase

Our Mobile Focus Areas

Mobile at Retail

Reaching consumers in-store and on-the-go to add value, make life easier and drive purchases/loyalty

Social TV

Driving social engagement and connected experiences across multiple screens to drive awareness and consideration


Intersection of social, location-aware tech and mobile to connect brands with consumers and drive impulse purchases



What we’re delivering for selected startups

We’re providing funding and teaming startups with some of the world’s most beloved brands

Participating startups will also receive:
  • A Mondelez International-funded brand pilot that will scale existing businesses
  • Direct access to our brands and our in-depth consumer insights
  • Introductions to our vast network of partners, including members of the Mobile Futures Network


90 Days to Activate

Startups and brands will work together to scale and launch brand pilots into market within 90 days

Selection Process Following a review of applications submitted during the open call (October 10 – November 11, 2012), top startups will be invited to a pitch day where brands and start-ups will go through a speed dating-style selection process. Start-ups will be chosen based on a set of core criteria, such as originality, proven technology, ability to solve an immediate brand marketing challenge and experience in their respective market areas. Pilot Activation Selected start-ups and their brand teams will immediately begin work on a new brand pilot to be launched into market within just 90 days. Cultural Immersion At the same time, participating brands will spend one week working side-by-side with their start-ups at the start-ups’ headquarters. Start-ups are welcome to also visit the brand’s location in those first 90 days.


90 Days to Incubate

With input from selected startups, our brands will ideate entirely new mobile ventures

New Venture Workshop In early 2013, we’ll ask the Mobile Futures Network and selected startups to join us for a one-week workshop in the US to help us ideate entirely new mobile ventures. Each participant’s expertise will be invaluable as we work toward solutions to broader business challenges in the areas of consumer engagement and path-to-purchase that have not yet been solved. Idea Incubation At the end of the week, the best ideas will be green lighted into development with an incubator, and our brands will take those ideas to the next phase of development. At the end of the 90 days, the new ventures will be presented to select VCs and angel investors in hopes of receiving seed funding


What we’re asking of selected startups

A bit of time, and a lot of passion and creativity

How much time?
  • 1 day pitch to brands as part of the final round of selection
  • 1 week of hosting a brand team at their offices
  • As much time as needed to develop a brand pilot and launch it into market within 90 days (Late 2012 – Early 2013)
  • 1 week of creative input to help us ideate around new mobile ventures (Early 2013)